Classroom Regulations

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Classroom Demeanor Click here for more information

When attending class, cadets will sit erect with both feet on the floor. Instructors will be shown attention and courtesy that common sense dictates. (3 Demerits)

Recognition Click here for more information

Any time a cadet wishes to ask a question or make a statement, he/she shall raise his/her hand and, when recognized by the instructor, shall stand, give his/her name and ask the question or make the statement. Cadets will never converse among themselves privately during formal instruction. (3 Demerits)

Breaks Click here for more information

Cadets will be given ten (10) minute breaks during the hourly blocks of instruction. These breaks will be taken in designated break areas, which will be specified by the Academy staff. (3 Demerits)

Late for Class Click here for more information

A cadet will be in his/her assigned seat promptly at the commencement of the class period. (3 Demerits)

Books in Classroom Click here for more information

Books will not be left in the classroom after scheduled class hours. (3 Demerits)

Conversing with Instructors Click here for more information

During breaks, Cadets will refrain from questioning or conversing with the instructor unless such conversation is initiated by the instructor. Cadets will ask all questions before the whole class so all can benefit from them. (3 Demerits)

Entrance or Exit Click here for more information

Cadets will stand behind their chairs at parade rest and will come to attention when the instructor enters the room. One cadet nearest the door will be responsible for calling the class to attention. They will remain at attention until the instructor gives them "At ease", "Be seated". When the cadet duty officer informs the instructor that it is time for the break and the instructors give the okay; he/she will give the call of "Class Ready" or "Ready". The cadets will then stand push in their chair (gather their belongings if it is the last class of the day), and then assume the position of attention. (Quickly!) Then upon the call of "Dismissed" by the instructor, or the cadet duty officer after the instructor's leave, the cadets will make the appropriate facing movement toward the center aisle and begin filing out. (3 Demerits)

Exiting Classroom Click here for more information

Cadets will file out of the classroom on breaks and during lunch one row at a time alternating each day. (3 Demerits)

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