Cadet Duties

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Working Hours Click here for more information

Cadets shall receive necessary schedules at the start of school. Reveille will be at 0500 hours. P. T. formations will be held at 0515 hours. Normal duty hours are 0800 (8 a.m.) to 1700 (5:00 p.m.) Monday through Friday, with ten (10) minute breaks on the hour. A seventy (70) minute lunch/drill period is scheduled between 1150 (11:50 a.m.) and 1300 (1:00 p.m.). Cadets shall be notified of any change in normal working hours by the staff. Failure to adhere to the above schedule without relief by proper authority will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Night Classes Click here for more information

Cadets may have night courses conducted at the Academy scheduled by the Academy Commander.

Free Periods Click here for more information

Cadets will be given free time at nights for study and/or uniform, room, and equipment upkeep.

Weekend Leave Click here for more information

Male cadets will wear proper shirts and ties when leaving for the weekend and will report back to the Academy in a shirt and tie on Sunday. Female cadets are to wear similar appropriate "dress" or business attire.

Travel Click here for more information

Cadets will be required to furnish their own transportation to and from the Academy. When possible, carpooling by cadets is encouraged due to the very limited parking space available. Cadets will park to the front of the building in the lot closest to U.S. 60. If necessary cars may be double-parked.

Notebooks and Supplies Click here for more information

Cadets shall keep a notebook while at the Academy. Notebooks will be checked and graded periodically during the course. Supplies for notebooks and note taking shall be issued by a member of the Academy staff. Supply closets are "off limits" to cadets.

Prohibited Items Click here for more information

Other than that authorized/permitted, all books, magazines and newspapers are prohibited from cadet rooms. If outside materials contain relevant information, a copy will be made available to a staff officer and copies made and disseminated if deemed relevant (5 demerits).

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