Care of Rooms and Inspections

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Assignment of Rooms Click here for more information

Upon reporting to the Academy, cadets shall be assigned a room, and shall keep this room for the entire school unless otherwise specified by a member of the staff.

Appearance of Rooms Click here for more information

Cadets assigned to a room shall be responsible for the appearance of the room and shall keep it clean, neat and orderly at all time. (3 Demerits)

Wall Lockers Click here for more information

Cadets shall be assigned a wall locker and shall keep it neat and orderly at all times. Clothing and miscellaneous equipment in the wall locker shall be stored. All buttons will be buttoned on all displayed clothing. (3 Demerits)

Beds Click here for more information

Cadets shall be assigned a bed and shall keep it neat, orderly, and made in the prescribe fashion at all times. The bed shall be made every morning before the cadet leaves the room for classes. (Cadets will not sleep atop made beds.) The bed shall be made as demonstrated by the staff. A cadet will not utilize his/her bed during normal duty hours unless authorized by a member of the Academy Staff.(3 Demerits)

Desk and Books Click here for more information

Cadets shall be assigned a desk and shall keep it neat and orderly at all times, including the contents of drawers. Equipment shall be stored and displayed as shown in the attached diagram (see figure 5). Textbooks shall be stored in/on bookshelves. (3 Demerits)

Cleanliness Click here for more information

Woodwork, furniture, beds, windows, waste baskets, and wall closets will be kept clean. Rooms are subject to inspection at all times. (3 Demerits)

Dressers, Lockers, ETC. Click here for more information

The contents of dressers, lockers, etc., will be maintained and arranged as shown in attached diagrams. (3 Demerits) Underwear will be 4" in length and T-shirts 6" in length.

Shoes Click here for more information

Both civilian and State Police shoes will be highly polished, with civilian shoes uniformly aligned in the wall locker, and State Police shoes aligned under the bunk as directed. Shoes and boots will be laced and excess laces tucked in tops. (3 Demerits)

Walls and Ceilings Click here for more information

The use of nails, hooks, scotch tape or similar materials on walls or ceilings for any purpose is prohibited. (3 Demerits)

Equipment Click here for more information

Furniture, beds, blankets, mattresses, or any other equipment will not be transferred from one room to another without proper authority. (3 Demerits)

Alcove Storage Click here for more information

Uniforms and other KSP issue should be stored. Failure to maintain this section is prohibited. (3 Demerits)

Authority to Enter Room Click here for more information

A cadet is not permitted in any bedroom other than his/her own without permission by a staff member. (3 Demerits) Groups may be formed for study purposes only. These sessions will be in the classrooms and only with prior permission from a member of the Academy

Lights, Doors and Drapes Click here for more information

All lights will be extinguished when room is unoccupied. Doors of cadets' rooms will be kept open at all times till 2300 hours or lights out of unless dressing. Doors will be closed after lights out, or when dressing. Blinds will be closed at all times. Academy Staff members who desire entrance when the door is closed shall knock and identify themselves. Cadets must acknowledge them within ten (10) seconds. (3 Demerits)

Radios, Tape Recorders, ETC., Click here for more information

No radios, tape players, televisions, cell phones/pagers, or other electrical devices are authorized in cadet's rooms. (Excepting hairdryers and electric razors only and personal grooming devices.) (10 Demerits)

Shower Curtain/PT Gear Click here for more information

The shower curtain will be closed at all times excepting formal inspection periods at which time it will be open. Worn or wet PT clothing will be hung on hangers on the shower curtain rod, behind the bathroom door, for drying. Rubber bath mats when not in use shall be rolled and placed in the rear corner of the tub/shower. (3 Demerits)

Cadet Duty Officer Click here for more information

Cadets shall be assigned to cleaning details for the halls, bathrooms, classrooms, etc. A duty roster shall post posted on the bulletin board. Cadets assigned to these details shall be responsible for general policing of the hallways and bathrooms each morning before leaving for classes. Cadets assigned to the classroom detail shall be responsible for policing the classrooms each afternoon after classes and checking the classrooms each morning before classes to be sure they are still neat and orderly. (See posted duty roster assignments)

Inspection Procedures Click here for more information

Cadets shall stand inspection Monday morning by a member or members of the staff. The inspection will cover the cadet's personal appearance and living quarters. Cadets will stand in the hallway and shall come to attention when approached by the inspecting officer or officers. They shall remain at attention and shall answer all questions by the inspecting officer. Cadets shall be responsible for having the room clean and dusted and all equipment clean and neatly stored or displayed as described in the previous sections. All items not previously mentioned, shown on a diagram, or discussed by the staff as to the specificity of their location will be stored out of sight. All lights shall be on during room inspections. Cadets assigned to a room by themselves, or when their roommate is away will be responsible for the cleanliness and appearance of the entire room. Hallways and bathrooms also shall be inspected at this time, and cadets assigned to those details shall be responsible for any low ratings they may receive. A cadet room inspection sheet will be placed at the foot of each bed prior to falling out in the hallway for inspection. Additionally, a sheet will be placed in the same position each workday prior to leaving the room for daily classes.

Personal Items Click here for more information

Only the following items are authorized in cadet rooms:
Shaving items, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, personal hygiene items, contact lens and items used to maintain them. These items will be stored in the vanity under the sink. Over the counter medications will be permitted and kept in a desk drawer. Brass and shoe shining items will be stored in a lower desk drawer. (5 demerits)

Cleaning Supplies Click here for more information

Cleaning items supplied in rooms will be kept in an orderly fashion in the vanity. No other items will be placed there unless authorized. (3 demerits) Cups - upside down dried on top of vanity.

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