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KSP Telecommunicators

The Kentucky State Police Telecommunicator has an important role in one of the most elite state police agencies in the Unites States. The telecommunicator is a highly skilled team member, providing a vital link between the state troopers and the information they need to be effective and efficient in their daily operations. Often times called the “nerve center” of police operations they are the initial first responders, taking the call and dispatching emergency personnel including state and local police, fire and ambulatory services.

 The Kentucky State Police recognizes the importance and significance of the Police Telecommunicator to both trooper and public safety and therefore goes to great lengths to ensure we provide the appropriate training and equipment for success.

Class 14
Telecommunicator Graduation


The Kentucky State Police will be hosting a multi-state in-service training for Telecommunicators and will also provide an in-house academy for KSP Telecommunicators. You can download the course catalog here, or if you have questions contact the academy instructors.


Jason Long

Telecommunicator Academy Instructor