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By clicking the tabs to the left: you will be able to see step by step what it takes to become a Kentucky State Trooper.

All tabs to the left are in order and to move forward in the process, the previous must be successfully completed. These steps MUST be completed in the order as denoted by the tabs on the left.

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The aptitude test being given is part of the ACT Workkeys program.  The test measures core employability skills in applied math, graphic literacy and workplace documents. To be eligible to move on in the KSP selection process and advance, you must pass the proctored KCRC assessment and achieve a level 4 for each of the testing phases.  At this time there are no study guides or courseware, but it is recommended that you conduct an online search to locate resources to help you prepare. Re-testing is permitted, but you must wait a 24 hour period before attending an additional test.

Each interview shall be conducted using the same guidelines for all eligible applicants. A three-person board conducts the interview and scores the applicant based on her/his responses. Selected scores, based on departmental needs, will continue to a polygraph examination.

This examination is the beginning of the background investigation. All applicants who successfully complete the aptitude and achieve appropriate scores on the physical testing and interview shall be required to complete an extensive background investigation.

• The KSP Cadet Applicant Physical Test phase consists of five individual events. Click the link to view the physical fitness info:

• Minimum Score for Males is 20

• Minimum Score for Females is 15.

• Please note: applicants scoring near the minimums do not perform well in the Academy.

• KSP CrossFit website is The Thin Gray Line CrossFit, the official CrossFit affiliate of the Kentucky State Police. Applicants are encouraged to visit the website and begin the fitness training regimen.

• Testing will be conducted in Frankfort with limited regional testing available in Eastern and Western Kentucky.

• Physical Fitness Scores are combined with the Interview score to determine overall standing in the applicant pool

• A minimum cut-off score is established by the Recruitment Commander and Command Staff for each cadet class. Applicants scoring below the cut-off are notified and removed from the process.

Extensive background examinations are conducted on applicants after polygraph testing has been completed.

Applicants being recommended for employment will receive a Conditional Offer of Employment, pending medical and psychological examinations.

The start date for Cadet Class 103 is February 26, 2023.