Changes to Fingerprint Background Check

In late 2020, the Commonwealth will be introducing a new vendor for fingerprint services.  KSP is proud to partner with Idemia to transform and technologize the background check process to better serve you.

***No action is required on your part now.  Please check back here for the most up-to-date information.***

IDEMIA is pleased to introduce our Universal Enrollment Platform (UEP), the newest solution in our fingerprint technology, to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Over the coming weeks, Kentucky Agencies and Stakeholders will receive information about our UEP solution for fingerprint background checks. You will also receive details about a new website for registration and workstations in our IdentoGo centers (IDEMIA’s fingerprinting locations) throughout the state.  We look forward to meeting the needs of Kentucky citizens who depend on professional, convenient, and reliable biometric enrollment services.
Under the new solution, you can expect some significant program enhancements. Kentucky is the latest state program scheduled to receive our nationally recognized technology known as UEP. This truly modern solution delivers a higher level of convenience and program sophistication to our customers. UEP was developed from the ground up to service the unique needs of our industry. We are excited to bring this solution to our Kentucky customers.
Here are a few of the exciting changes that will benefit your organization:

  • An applicant enrollment website, where applicants can
    • Easily schedule appointments at convenient IdentoGo locations
    • Receive automatic notifications and check status of their fingerprint submissions
    • Access from their mobile device
  • A consistent applicant experience, designed specifically for fast processing
    • Standard Location Signage, Branding, and Days/Hours of Operation
    • Enrollment times average 5 minutes
    • Improved fingerprint quality capture, resulting in fewer reprints
  • Specific identification requirements, including photo capture
  • Multiple payment options, including Certified/Business Checks, Money orders, credit cards and coupon codes for State and local government agencies
  • Agencies and Authorized Users can access results through the web-based FlexCheck portal

Click here for a high-level project overview and some of the benefits of the UEP system.


IdentoGO® Locations:

IDEMIA will be establishing 26 IdentoGO® partner enrollment centers within the Commonwealth of Kentucky to provide fingerprint services to applicants for your agency.  These enrollment centers, deployed under our IdentoGO® brand name, provide customers with a modern, professional environment as well as staff that is knowledgeable about the application process.  All partner locations are reviewed for ADA compliance as well as the look and feel to ensure that it adheres to the IDEMIA Look and Feel Standard. The intention is for applicants to be able to easily identify these locations and service capabilities with consistent signage and branding. The locations will ensure coverage within a 40 mile radius.

Kentucky Agency Locations

Kentucky State Police previously sent information regarding a new solution for fingerprint supported background checks within the state from IDEMIA and the introduction to the Universal Enrollment Platform (UEP).  As we continue to move towards implementation of the program, in this notification we want to provide you with program specifics regarding Applicant Pre-Enrollment, Non-Resident Registration, and the Livescan Enrollment Process. Additional information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

Applicant Pre-Enrollment:
All applicants who will complete the livescan printing will need to pre-register via our UEP website using simply the Service Codes provided to your agency or facility. (Please Note: Service Codes will be assigned and provided at a later date.) Service Codes are unique 6 character values which will identify the agency, applicant type, fingerprint reason, ORI, fees, and any other information specific to that applicant type or fingerprint reason. Information regarding Service Codes is included in the attached file. The website will collect all necessary personal data for scheduling the appointment at one of the many IdentoGO® centers throughout the Commonwealth utilizing an easy to use search tool. Once complete with the registration, the applicant will be provided a Service Summary detailing their appointment along with what they will need to bring to the location.  For applicants that provide an e-mail address as their method of contact, this information is also e-mailed to the specified e-mail address. All applicants are required to pre-enroll and schedule an appointment.

Non-Resident Registration:
Applicants outside of Kentucky have two options for completing their enrollment.  They can choose to send in hard cards to our Cardscan Conversion facility, where we will take the cards and complete the enrollment, submitting it through the same process as if they were completed on a livescan workstation.  Instructions are provided to the applicant on how to send these in once complete with the registration. Out of State Applicants also have the option of having their enrollment completed at one of our 500+ nationwide UEP enrollment centers outside of Kentucky using the same pre-enrollment process they would use to register within the Commonwealth.  Utilizing an Out of State facility improves the fingerprint quality and is more secure due to the same ID documents being required at an in-state enrollment site. It also makes the process much more streamlined when compared to completing hard cards, mailing them in and waiting for them to be processed.

Livescan Enrollment Process:
All enrollment centers across the Commonwealth will have the same workstation installed, including a fingerprint scanner, identification document authenticator, camera, check scanner, signature capture pad, and credit card reader.  Once registration is complete and the applicant arrives to the site for their appointment at an IdentoGO® center, they will verify their identity and provide their birthday for security to enter the enrollment process.  The workstation will prompt for confirmation of what they are enrolling for, confirm biographic and personal data, and require a valid ID document be scanned from the previously distributed list. When complete with the fingerprint capture and payment collection is complete, the applicant will sign to confirm they have completed the enrollment, and a receipt is auto-printed with details regarding their enrollment.

Please be on the lookout for future communications. Information regarding Authorized User & Background Check Results Viewing is scheduled for distribution next week.  If you have any questions regarding the attached content or upcoming transition to the UEP solution, please let us know.

Kentucky Agency Registration

Kentucky State Police previously sent information regarding a new solution for fingerprint supported background checks within the state from IDEMIA and the introduction to the Universal Enrollment Platform (UEP).  As we continue to move towards implementation of the program, in this notification we want to provide you with program specifics regarding Authorized User & Background Check Results Viewing. Additional information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

Authorized Users:
All Agencies or authorized contacts will be provided with login credentials for those staff who are authorized to view results of the criminal record check on our FlexCheck web portal.  This web portal access will be used instead of receiving mailings with results of the background check process for your applicants. The web portal is currently in development for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and we will provide additional information regarding the system, user training, and login credentials closer to the public network launch.  The solution is designed so the FlexCheck system differentiates the results by Service Code, so only those with permission to view the selected applicant group will have access and no other agency or entity will be able to view the results of your applicants.

Background Check Results Viewing:
The FlexCheck web portal solution for KY Agencies will provide record status and viewable results for Kentucky fingerprinting services.  Through the portal, you will be able to review recently completed and pending transactions from the status bar, as well as see previous results if needed at a later time through the search feature.  Records can be searched individually or by any set of various criteria. Applicant information will populate to provide details on their enrollment as well as the background check results from their prints. From the portal, FlexCheck can provide result letters that are printable if allowed for your agency.

Click here to view – Background Check Results Viewing Document