If you are interested in a challenging yet rewarding career with the Kentucky State Police where you can make a positive difference in your local community and the state please visit www.careers.ky.gov and search our open opportunities.

KSP Career Opportunities

The Kentucky State Police offers a multitude of jobs outside of the badge. Civilians work behind the scenes to support our Troopers and further their professional careers. Below are just some of the job opportunities KSP offers. Click each section to learn more about ways you can join the KSP family.


The Kentucky State Police Telecommunicator has an important role in one of the most elite state police agencies in the Unites States. The telecommunicator is a highly skilled team member, providing a vital link between the state troopers and the information they need to be effective and efficient in their daily operations.

Drivers Test Administrator

Kentucky State Police drivers test administrators, administers written motor vehicle driver’s license examinations for Class A, B, C, D or M licenses and road test examinations for Class D and M licenses; and performs other duties as required.

Forensic Scientist

The Kentucky State Police Forensic Laboratories provide scientific and technical services of the highest quality to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  A forensic scientist or technician applies scientific principles and technology to the legal process. The general job duties include processing evidence, maintaining chain of custody, preparing reports of their findings, and testifying to their results and conclusions in court and other legal proceedings.

Records Administrative Specialist

Criminal Identification and Records Branch staff combat crime or provide officer assistance from behind the scenes with the stroke of a key. If you’re interested in a low visibility, high impact career with Kentucky State Police this is the place for you.