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Effective, July 15, 1998, Kentucky recognizes valid carry concealed weapons licenses issued by other states and, subject to the provisions of Kentucky law, a person holding a valid license from another state may carry a concealed deadly weapon in Kentucky. Written inquiries regarding recognition of Kentucky carry concealed licenses have been made to all states and U.S. territories. The map and chart below detail those responses.

Certain other jurisdictions that recognize Kentucky carry concealed permits may limit the right to carry concealed to handguns only and not allow for the carrying concealed of other types of weapons. Also, the laws of other jurisdictions may differ from the laws of Kentucky regarding the circumstances under which you may legally carry a concealed weapon.

You are advised to contact all other jurisdictions in which you intend to carry concealed weapons with questions regarding these issues.

 State Responses on Reciprocity

YES Recognize Kentucky CCDW
NO Does not recognize Kentucky CCDW
OTHER Other: Contact State in regard to CCDW reciprocity.
Alaska YES Alabama YES
Arizona YES Arkansas YES
California NO Colorado YES
Connecticut NO Delaware YES
District of Columbia NO Florida YES
Georgia YES Guam NO
Hawaii NO Illinois NO
Idaho YES Indiana YES
Iowa YES Kansas YES
Louisiana YES Maine NO
Maryland NO Massachusetts NO
Michigan YES Minnesota YES
Mississippi YES Missouri YES
Montana YES Nebraska YES
Nevada YES New Hampshire YES
New Jersey NO New Mexico NO
New York NO North Carolina YES
North Dakota YES Ohio YES
Oklahoma YES Oregon NO
Pennsylvania YES Puerto Rico NO
Rhode Island OTHER Samoa Territory NO
South Carolina YES South Dakota YES
Tennessee YES Texas YES
US Virgin Islands OTHER Utah YES
Vermont OTHER Virginia YES
Washington NO West Virginia YES
Wisconsin YES Wyoming YES

For more information on Concealed Deadly Weapons please call: 502-227-8700