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Honor Guard History

Honor Guard folding a flag

Honor Guard Presenting Flags at a ball game

The Kentucky State Police first formed an Honor Guard unit in 1948. In November of 1981, the Kentucky State Police reformed an Honor Guard unit under the command of Captain Norman Bryant. Members of that unit included Trooper Jimmy Carey, Trooper Monte Dixon, Trooper James Dolwick, Trooper Tommy Pendleton, Trooper Doug Smith, Trooper George Tomlinson, and Trooper Jan Wuchner.



Honor Guard at a parade

The Honor Guard was formed to enhance the image of the Kentucky State Police and show pride in the organization, its accomplishments, and to reflect the professionalism and tradition of the Department. It is to represent all members of the agency on appropriate occasions. It was also determined that there was a need for a unit that would be trained and available to render honors to those officers who had given their lives while in service to the Commonwealth.


Honor Guard holding a flag

The first detail for the new Honor Guard was the Veterans Day parade in Glasgow, Kentucky on November 11, 1981.



Honor Guard holding a flag

Today's Honor Guard represents the agency at formal State occasions and ceremonies, parades of significance, and other noteworthy events throughout the Commonwealth. But their most important and solemn role is in honoring the Troopers that have dedicated their life and their careers to protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth.