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Honor Guard Uniform

Honor Guard saluting

The current uniform of the Honor Guard was designed in 1981 when the unit was re-formed after a dormant period. But the uniform represents the roots of the Kentucky State Police as well as the Trooper of today.

The uniform was designed to reflect the proud tradition from the 1930's when the Kentucky State Militia 123rd Cavalry was used to maintain law and order throughout Kentucky.

The campaign hat is a direct reflection of the 123rd Cavalry.

Honor Guard in a parade

The Sam Browne shoulder strap and the four pocket black coats recall the State Highway Patrol that was the forerunner of the Kentucky State Police.

The silver piping on the coats symbolizes the slogan "The Thin Gray Line."

The gold badge and brass represents the command and leadership of the agency.

The gray trouser with a black stripe recalls the early uniforms of the Highway Patrol but also represents the daily uniform of the modern Trooper.

Honor Guard formation

The gray and black of the uniforms are said to be patterned after the Louisville Legion which fought in the Mexican-American War.

Footwear can be either the black shoe of today's Trooper or a high black leather boot representing the Cavalry days.

The uniform is kept at highest of perfection to reflect the epitome of their dedication to representing the Kentucky State Police and its officers.