Post 14 Driving Directions

Driving Directions:

Olive Hill, Kentucky -

Turn RIGHT onto US-60.

Take the I-64 E ramp.

Merge onto I-64 E.

Take I-64 E approximately 19.30 miles.

Take the US-60 exit-number 181.

Turn LEFT onto US-60.

Take US-60 approximately 8 miles to Kentucky State Police Post 14.

From Louisa, Kentucky -

Take US-23 N.

Travel approximately 21.3 miles on US-23 N.

Turn LEFT to take the I-64 W ramp.

Take the KY-180 exit- exit number 185- towards CANONSBURG / ASHLAND.

Keep LEFT at the fork in the ramp.

Turn LEFT onto KY-180.

KY-180 becomes US-60 E.

Travel approximately 3.9 miles to Kentucky State Police Post 14.

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