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KSP Post 1 Warns Residents of Scam in the Area

Date of News Release: 05/19/2016

(Hickory, KY) - Kentucky State Police has received information on a scam that is going on in the Post 1 area. Scammers are calling local residents and claiming to be with Publishers Clearing House. The scammers are telling the targeted person they have won a large sum of money and, in some instances, a new car. As part of the scam, the person who is being led to believe they are the recipient of these winnings must pay one-percent (1%) of the cost, which is typically a sum exceeding $20,000.

The phone numbers associated with this scam appear to be coming from Jamaica, and the scammers typically have strong accents which could indicate this to be the case. If you receive a call such as this one, or any phone call indicating you have won any type of sweepstakes or lottery which you do not recall entering, Kentucky State Police investigators encourage the public to hang up and contact your phone company to have the number blocked.