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Road Check Locations

(HICKORY, Ky.) - The Kentucky State Police (KSP) will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints throughout the Post 1 district, to check motorists for compliance with motor vehicle laws including driving under the influence statutes. KSP utilizes traffic safety checkpoints to promote safety for motorists using the public roadways and to provide a deterrent for those who violate laws contained in the Kentucky Revised Statutes.

The intent of a traffic safety checkpoint is to provide for a high visibility, public safety service, focusing on vehicular equipment deficiencies, confirming appropriate registration and insurance of vehicles, and the valid licensing of drivers. Violations of law or other public safety issues that arise shall be addressed.

Traffic safety checkpoints will allow the Kentucky State Police the opportunity to periodically concentrate its efforts in checking for violations of Kentucky traffic and regulatory laws that will ultimately increase the safety of the citizens within the Commonwealth. Drivers encountering a traffic safety checkpoint are requested to have their operator’s license, vehicle registration receipt and proof of insurance readily accessible. Drivers with this information in hand, those with no violations of law and minimal roadway congestion can reasonably expect to be delayed for no more than 30 seconds to a few minutes.

Listed below are the supervisory- approved traffic safety checkpoint locations in the Kentucky State Police, Post 1 district. This includes the following Kentucky counties: Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Fulton, Graves, Hickman, Livingston, Lyon, McCracken, Marshall and Trigg.

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Ballard County Updated 06/10/2015

US 51 – at old KSP/CVE Scale Facility
US 60 – at Crystal Lake Road
US 60 – at KY 2532 (Apperson Road)
US 60 at Bill Corner Road

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Calloway CountyUpdated 06/10/2015

US 641S – at Barber Drive
KY 94E – at KY 280
KY 121S – MP 3.187 to MP 3.690
KY 280 – at Cohoon Road

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Carlisle County Updated 06/10/2015

US 51 – at KY 80 Arlington
KY 80 – at KY 307

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Fulton County Updated 06/10/2015

KY 125 – at KY 166
KY 129 – at Fulton/Hickman County line

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Graves County Updated 06/10/2015

US 45S – at KY 339 Wingo
US 45S – at KY 1748
KY 94 – at KY 381 Lynnville
KY 849 at KY 1684 (Dogwood)
KY 303 – at KY 339 (4-way stop)

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Hickman County Updated 06/10/2015

US 51 – at KY 1529
KY 58 – at KY 307
KY 123 – at KY 239

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Livingston County Updated 06/10/2015

US 60 – at or about former Ledbetter Elementary School (between MP 5.5-MP5.8)
US 60 – from MP 29 to MP 29.059 at or about Livingston/Crittenden County line
KY 866 – at Coon Chapel Road

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Lyon County Updated 03/25/15

US 62 – at KY 810 (South)
KY 93 South – at KY 293 & 1055 intersection
USFS Woodlands Trace – at or about entrance to LBL

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Marshall County Updated 06/10/2015

US 68 – at KY 95
US 641 – at KY 1422
KY 348 – between MP 4.7 – MP 5.0 (near Meadowbrook Circle)
KY 402 – at KY 1364

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for McCracken County Updated 06/10/2015

US 60 at US 62 (Ledbetter Bridge intersection)
KY 286 – at KY 726 (McKendree Church Road)
KY 450 – at Puryear Highway
KY 994 (Old Mayfield Road) – at KY 1014 (Houser Road)

Traffic Safety Checkpoints for Trigg County Updated 06/10/2015

US 68X (Bypass) – West of Howard Anderson Bridge
KY 139N – at Bush Road
KY 274 – West of John Woodruff Bridge (near entrance to boat ramp)