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Post 2 Crash Locations

(Madisonville, KY) - In an effort to make the roadways of Kentucky and the Post 2 District safer, the Kentucky State Police implemented a selective enforcement program. This program was developed to reduce vehicle crashes and fatalities.

Based on crash information gathered from the previous year, high crash locations have been identified in each county. During a trooper's shift, each trooper will concentrate more of their time in the high crash locations. In the Post 2 District the high crash locations that have been identified are:


  • 91 from Princeton limits south to the Christian County line
  • US 641 from Fredonia limits south to the Lyon County line
  • I-69 from Exit 79 to the Lyon County line


  • EB9004/Pennyrile Parkway from Crofton exit to Hopkinsville City limits
  • US 41 Pembroke Road entire length
  • I-24 from Hopkinsville exit to the TN state line


  • US 60 from Marion limits east to KY 365
  • US 60 from Marion limits west to KY 855
  • US 641 from Crayne limits south to the Caldwell County line


  • US 41A from Wicks Well north to the Webster County line
  • EB9004/now I-69, south from Madisonville to new parkway interchange
  • KY 112 entire length


  • WK Parkway/9001 from Greenville exit to the Ohio County line
  • KY 171 south from US 62 intersection to 8 Mile Lane
  • US 431 south from WK9001 to Dunmor limits


  • KY 507 entire length
  • US 68 Bypass from the Christian County line to Elkton
  • KY 848 entire length


  • EB9004/now I-69 entire length
  • KY 120 & KY 138 in limits and 2 mile radius of Slaughters
  • US 41 A between Dixon and Providence

It is hoped that this program will increase public awareness and help make the roadways of Kentucky a safer place. The Post 2 District serves the following counties: Caldwell, Christian, Crittenden, Hopkins, Muhlenberg, Todd, and Webster.