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Public Complaint Procedures

It is the policy of the Kentucky State Police that all agency personnel shall, upon request, inform citizens of the specific procedures for registering complaints against the agency or its employees.

In order to make this type of information readily available to members of the communities we serve, this fact sheet provides the necessary steps and information pertinent to filing a complaint.

The Kentucky State Police Internal Affairs Section, as a matter of policy, does not investigate complaints concerning traffic or criminal charges when guilt or innocence is the issue in question.

Additionally, the Internal Affairs Section does not normally investigate unsigned complaints, third party complaints, anonymous complaints, or complaints of improper actions (whether administrative or criminal) by other law enforcement agencies.

Should you wish to file a complaint against a Kentucky State Police Employee, the following procedures shall apply:

All complaints shall be submitted in writing and signed by the person lodging the complaint. (Remember to include dates, times and locations of the action that resulted in you filing the complaint.)

The written and signed complaint should be delivered or mailed to one of the following:

Kentucky State Police
Internal Affairs Section
919 Versailles Road
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Any Kentucky State Police Installation (Post).  Click here to find the post that serves you.

A complaint is not deemed initiated until it is received by the Internal Affairs Section.

Persons who make verbal complaints shall be given opportunity to put their complaint in writing, sign and submit the written complaint to the Internal Affairs Section.

If necessary, agency officers shall assist persons making verbal complaints in order to comply with this agency policy.

Verbal complaints that are transcribed shall be signed by the complainant, verifying that the information contained within the document is correct. The complainant shall receive a copy of the signed complaint.

The Internal Affairs Section shall notify all complainants in writing upon receiving the written complaint. Unless determined that such contact may compromise the investigation, the Internal Affairs Section shall notify complainants thereafter as to the status of the complaint and any ensuing investigation.