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KSP will be accepting applications in the near future for the position of Cadet Trooper.

Specific testing dates and locations will be posted on this site in early June, if you have any questions please contact the recruitment office at 502-782-1861 or 1-866-360-3165.

The Kentucky State Police is the leading law enforcement agency for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Becoming a sworn officer in the Kentucky State Police is much more than just a job.  And the benefits extend well beyond those of ordinary professions.

As a Kentucky State Police Trooper, you'll be in a position that offers almost immeasurable rewards in the pursuit of service to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Don't forget the Kentucky State Police also has a number of civilian positions for employment as well.  For more information on career opportunities as a civilian, click here.

The Kentucky State Police is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D.

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Advancement/Promotion for KSP Sworn Officers

After five years of service Troopers attain the rank of Senior Trooper and an additional five- percent increase in salary.

Those with 60 college credit hours can achieve this non-supervisory rank in three years.

Promotion to the supervisor ranks of sergeant, lieutenant and captain is based upon merit and prescribed criteria set out by statute to include testing and evaluation.

Promotional Ladder:

The Commissioner of the Kentucky State Police appoints all ranks above Captain.

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KSP Benefit


Cadet troopers will receive $2,870.16 per month during academy training.

Upon graduation this salary will increase to $3,115.20 monthly ($37,382.40 annually).

With increments regulated and set by legislative approval, employees receive annual increases with no top out level.

Troopers receive a 10-percent salary increase with each promotion.

Troopers also receive five dollars per day for uniform maintenance.

Troopers also receive a $3,100.00 annual training stipend.


Health Insurance: Troopers may choose one of a variety of health insurance plans offered with dependent coverage at additional charge.

Life Insurance: The Commonwealth of Kentucky provides a $20,000 term life insurance policy.

Vacation: Paid vacation time is accrued according to your years of service.

Sick Leave: You accrue one sick day for every month worked. There is no limit to the number of sick days you may accumulate. Upon retirement, all accumulated sick leave goes toward your retirement.

Military Leave: Any trooper who is a member of the military reserve or National Guard is entitled to a maximum of 15 working days per year of paid military leave.

Holidays: Troopers receive 10 and paid holidays per year.

Equipment: All troopers are provided uniforms, necessary weapons, vehicles and other essential equipment and supplies in order to perform their duties.

Retirement: Troopers may retire with 25 years of service and collect 50% of the average of their three highest years of wages and full benefits.

Merit Pay Program, Job Security, State Run Deferred Compensation program, Opportunities for Growth and Advancement, and Take home car are also provided.

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Sworn Officer Positions

There are many specialized positions in the Kentucky State Police that officers may choose to pursue, including:

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Minimum Requirements for KSP Sworn Officers

KRS 16.040 (2) requires that all persons appointed as officers shall, at the time of their appointment, be:

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Disqualifications on becoming a KSP Trooper

Applicants shall be disqualified from further participation in the selection process or removed from the register if it is determined that:


Agency policy requires that tattoos or body piercing shall not be visible while in any agency issued uniform.

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Requirements/Guidelines for Application

All submitted applications must be typed or printed legibly in ink and have a copy of the following attached: