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Handle With Care

Handle with Care is very simple: law enforcement officers at the scene of a crime or accident identify children who have been exposed to trauma and notify the child’s school.  There is no information being given except the child’s name, age and school.  The notice is sent in a confidential email and/or text notification to the child’s school before the start of the school day with these three words: “Handle With Care.”

To date, 1,314 schools have registered for the ‘Handle with Care’ program with 6,092 notifications made.

The premise of Handle With Care is to mitigate the negative effects of trauma on children.  In the event the child exhibits problematic behavior, the teacher has an early notification of possible exposure to trauma and may provide care and understanding versus discipline and punishment. When school interventions are not sufficient, school counselors or therapists can provide necessary services.

If you have questions related to The Handle with Care Program or the process for enrollment, please contact Danielle Perkins at KSP Headquarters, danielle.perkins@ky.gov , 502-782-1846.

Simply contact the Kentucky State Police Post that covers your county
1. Ask to speak to the Victims Advocate located at the post.

2. Provide an email address(es) and telephone numbers for notifications of the staff within your school that would like to receive the Handle with Care notifications.

Once entered into the ‘Handle with Care’ database, your designated school appointees will be notified when a child has been exposed to a traumatic incident that involved law enforcement. The message you will receive will simply say “Handle with Care” and identify the child.

How Many Schools Have Registered?

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Handle With Care

Number of ‘Handle with Care’ Notices sent to schools


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