Public Education Exhibits

Since our inception, The Kentucky State Police has worked tirelessly to educate the public from dangers and promote safety in our communities.  Keeping with this tradition KSP provides public education exhibits and utilizes them as a way to further interact with the public. Each exhibit is available to be reserved and utilized at community events and gatherings across Kentucky.

These exhibits are available to you free of charge thanks to many corporate and government sponsorships.


The Mobile Drug Education Unit, commonly referred to as the Drug Trailer, has been a staple of KSP since the early 90’s. This unit was completely updated and renovated in 2019 with modern technology and information regarding the drug epidemic that is attacking Kentucky. This unit contains 14 digital screens displaying facts and information about various drugs, and how they are manufactured and distributed in the US. There are testimonial videos from former addicts who have first hand experience with with drug addiction. We have also included an interactive touch screen display that shows the amount of overdoses and deaths that have occurred in each county and a visual display showing drug paraphernalia and methods with which drug users conceal these illegal products.


  • The Mobile Drug Education Unit needs access to standard 120v electric outlets to be powered on.
  • The unit does have heating and air conditioning, but with both doors open climate control is difficult. This should be considered when planning during extreme temperatures.
  • The trailer is 45′ feet in length.

The Roll Over Simulator demonstrates the consequences of when a driver or passenger chooses to disobey Kentucky law by not wearing a seat belt. Utilizing a test dummy, this exhibit simulates a roll over collision at 30 MPH. Shown in two phases, viewers can see the reality when a driver wears a seat belt compared to when they don’t. As you can see in the video to the right, the test dummy is easily thrown out the window of the vehicle. This shows viewers what could happen if people in the vehicle whether it be the operator or passengers, choose not to wear their seat belt.



  • The Roll Over Simulator needs access to standard 120v electric outlets to be operated.
  • Needs a level place to be displayed for proper function.

The Driving Simulator helps to demonstrate distracted driving to all ages. From young to experienced, distracted driving is a hindrance to any vehicle operator on the road. This exhibit sends text messages to the “operator” of the simulator, showing them how checking your phone can impair one’s driving abilities. Intended to mimic a real-life driving experience, this simulator gives instructions on when to turn, come to a stop, and proceed as a driver in reality would. There is an ability to change the environment of the drive from the weather, to time of day, traffic level, and location of the route.

A true vehicular experience, this exhibit is intended to help all driving ages. Schools and businesses can benefit from being aware of how sending a simple text message can impact the probability of a dangerous vehicular situation.


  • The Driving Simulator needs access to standard 120v electric outlets to be operated.
  • The simulator is compiled of several electronic components and to protect the equipment should be used preferably indoors, or in moderate temperatures. In cases of extreme heat or cold we may be unable to allow its use. 

Serving as a visual reminder to the harsh realities of impaired driving, the Crash Trailer showcases the aftermath of a vehicular crash. Featuring an actual crash scene that occurred on Kentucky roadways, this trailer is updated frequently to show a variety of what can happen when you don’t obey the law. The current story of the accident displayed in the trailer shows the outcome of a driver who fled from a traffic stop. Reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph, the driver of the Ford Contour lost control of the vehicle and struck a tree. Both the passenger and driver were pronounced dead in result of the impact of the crash. Alcohol and drug use are believed to be the factor in this accident.

This exhibit is a great asset to utilize across the commonwealth. It gives young drivers a visual representation to the consequences of what can happen when you drive impaired. After hearing the story of the specific crash, viewers are allowed to see the reality for their own eyes, from the clear windows of the trailer. The Crash Trailer is an important reminder to stay alert, wear your seat belt and not drive under the influence.



  • The Crash Trailer is a real life display of a fatal crash involving a young driver and may not be suitable for all audiences. 
  • Needs access to standard 120v electric outlets to be powered on.
  • The trailer and truck combined require 50 feet of space.