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Safe Schools Program

In the wake of recent school violence, and after a strong demand from area schools, the Kentucky State Police (KSP) with input from school administrators across the state, have developed a program aimed at helping all schools respond effectively during an active shooting incident.

The program does not set school policy. It provides four levels of KSP assistance to aid school officials in establishing their own action plans.

School administrators, depending on the need of the individual schools, can choose any one or all four levels of the assistance being offered.


KSP has unveiled it’s new Safe Schools Program for younger kids! In an effort to teach kids about school safety, and not scare them, we are providing this video for schools to use as a resource for their kids.

We welcome any school or organization to utilize this video as a tool in their classroom. Feel free to use the streaming link from YouTube, or download the file here.

Choose the Level that is Right for You

KSP will provide on-site visits to the requesting school where a review of the schools current plan of action will be conducted and evaluated. Recommendations for school protocols, if requested by school officials, will be provided from the KSP school safety pamphlet.


KSP will assist and participate in school ‘lock down’ drills. KSP will provide feedback and additional information to school officials based on the ‘most likely’ police responses and needs.

KSP will provide an on-site visit and walk through assessing strengths and weaknesses of the facility. Provide ‘target hardening’ information to school officials via the KSP multi-layered school security checklist.

KSP will provide a three-hour block of job-specific training for school personnel designed to give options for consideration when facing an active shooter. Training will consist of classroom instruction along with the opportunity to take part in realistic scenarios to build confidence to survive an active shooting event.


Post Primary Coordinator Assistant Coordinator Assistant Coordinator Assistant Coordinator
KSP Post 1 Mayfield – (270) 856-3721

Lt. Dean Patterson

Lt. Brian Duvall

KSP Post 2 Madisonville – (270) 676-3313

Lt. Derek Smith

Sgt. Jeff Ayres

Tpr. Rob Austin

KSP Post 3 Bowling Green – (270) 782-2010 Lt. Chris Baker

Tpr. R. Tucker Carmichael

Tpr. Ashcon Karbasi

Tpr. Daniel Priddy

KSP Post 4 Elizabethtown – (270) 766-5078 Sgt. Steve Oughton

Det. James Martin

KSP Post 5 Campbellsburg – (502) 532-6363 Lt. James Sams

Sgt. James Martin

KSP Post 6 Dry Ridge – (859) 428-1212 Lt. James Sandlin

Sgtr. Jeremy Moore

Det. Joseph Filiatreau

KSP Post 7 Richmond – (859) 623-2404 Lt. Jason Gabbard

Sgt. Toby Coyle

KSP Post 8 Morehead – (606) 784-4127 Lt. Toby Gardner

Sgt. Eugene Robinson

KSP Post 9 Pikeville – (606) 433-7711 Lt. Chris Hicks

Lt. Justin Cornett

KSP Post 10 Harlan – (606) 573-3131 Sgt. Danny Caudill

Sgt. Joe Dials

KSP Post 11 London – (606) 878-6622 Lt. Tony Dingess

Det. Ryan Loudermilk

KSP Post 12 Frankfort – (502) 227-2221 Lt. Brian Lee

Sgt. Eric Barnett

Tpr. Gerald Milam

KSP Post 13 Hazard – (606) 435-6069 Lt. Ira Napier

Joel Abner

Sgt. Bill Pollard

KSP Post 14 Ashland – (606) 928-6421 Lt. Jim Shelton

Sgt. Eric Kouns

KSP Post 15 Columbia – (270) 384-4796 Lt. Jeremy Johnson

Sgt. Josh Wilson

KSP Post 16 Henderson – (270) 826-3312 Lt. Bryan Whittaker

Sgt. Jackie Carver

Det. Adam Wright